Who We Are

We are a new 501c3 nonprofit! Although new, some of our directors and volunteers have worked many times already with people in need of emotional healing. We are a group of women who always believed that horses were therapeutic for people in many ways and have seen it proven many times! We have seen how experiences with horses have improved a participant’s outlook on life and how they feel about themselves: Discovering a real need for this type of therapy, we decided to establish a horse- assisted program with the goal to create a healing experience. With directors in the program who have friends or family members that have experienced abuse or cancer, we are well-aware of the challenges they have. Let us help at Native Heart Healing.

Our Mission at Native Heart Healing

The mission of Native Heart Healing, Inc. is to operate a nonprofit Equine-Assisted Therapy program providing emotional healing to victims of domestic abuse, and cancer patients and survivors. It’s well known that interactions with horses can often promote emotional growth, heal anxiety, combat depression, and build both confidence and courage. A participant’s experience developing a partnership with a horse can help build trust and improve self-esteem.
Directors of Native Heart Healing:
Peggy Murray, Carmel Stone, Lois Griggs, Linda St. Amour, & Susan Phelps

Meet The Gypsies

We found the perfect horse for the program! The Gypsy horse, also known as Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob, or Irish Cob originated in the U.K. and Ireland. Over generations, the people there developed the breed as one that could work well traveling with the family. The developing Gypsy Cob or Irish Cob was typically a horse that although usually smaller in height, it had the solid and stocky build of a draft horse. The Romani travelers needed a strong horse to pull the wagons carrying their family belongings. Because their families travelled with them in caravan, they also needed a gentle breed. The Gypsy Horse is beautiful and they are unique with their long manes and feather. They tend to be intelligent, patient, and have a willingness to please.

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Native Heart Healing, Inc.
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